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Need a Hip Replacement in India? Check Out Your Options!

Total hip replacement offers permanent pain relief after non surgical methods have failed. The ideal age for a hip replacement is sixty five years. However, many young patients also need a hip replacement. The common conditions are Avascular necrosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Protrusio acetabuli, Broken hip socket and Hip fractures
Total hip replacement is an operation with a high success rate in my hands. 

Why should you get your hip replacement done by me? 

I have retained my independence in thought and actions never allowing it to be subservient to other interests.  One can observe in nature that there are no collective minds and collective achievements. Off course, I  do seek the help of colleagues and hospital but there is a division of labour. As my judgement and actions are objective, I am able to provide apt surgical solutions.

  • I am experienced in primary and revision hip replacements.
  • I offer individual care and attention to details.
  • I offer a choice of implants and materials.
  • I provide patients with insight about implants and materials used by me.
  • I use a minimally invasive approach.
  • My anesthetist will ensure that the operation and post operative period are pain free.
  • My physical therapist is committed to help you to get maximum movement after surgery.
  • My cost is affordable as I am an independent surgeon.

I perform primary and revision hip replacement. I introduced the short stem Proxima hip replacement to this region in 2006. See this Press release.
I also provide biological solution like autologous bone marrow derived stem cells for avascular necrosis.
Overseas patients will get a door to door service.
You will save a lot on your treatment in my practice. 

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Short Stem Hip Replacement


Short Stem Hip

Short stem hip replacements or neck sparing implants preserve bone. Their versatility allows use of ceramic, metal and plastic bearings.

Short stem hip replacement prosthesis is a versatile hip as a variety of bearings can be used.Ceramic, metal, polyethylene can all be used.
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Ceramic Hip Replacement

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Cementless Hip

Delta motion ceramic hip implants possess durability. Younger patients can postpone or avoid a redo with ceramic bearings.

Cementless or Uncemented hip replacement- Cementless hip replacements refer to the fixation of the prosthesis in bone without the interposition.
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Total Hip Replacement


Types of THR

Total hip replacement is the gold standard in older patients. Total hip replacement relieves pain of primary and secondary osteoarthritis. They can also be used in patients with fracture neck of femur.

Total hip replacement in India is the Golden standard in the elderly. It may also be needed in younger patients. They can also be used in patients with fracture neck of femur.
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Blog Posts

Avascular necrosis Hip Treatment India

Do you suffer from Avascular necrosis hip in India? It is a common condition among young patients. Common causes include steroid intake,...
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Case of Week

These are the hip x rays of a thirty eight year old male. The left hip showed hip arthritis after an old hip socket fracture. He will need an advanced total hip replacement with acetabular reconstruction.

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Latest Video

A total hip replacement Chennai, India restored this lady's mobility after years of suffering.
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    1. Ngozi, Nigeria

      Ngozi O is a 39 year old finance professional from Nigeria. All through her life, she has endured a short leg and painful hip. This resulted as a sequel to infection in her hip joint as an infant.


    1. Nizam, India

      Nizam is a twenty five year male from Tiruchi, India. He was suffering from a hip socket problem for about ten years.He had earlier sustained a fracture of the socket which was treated by traction.


  • Costs

    Cost of a hip replacement depends on the implant, room and individual case. In an individual case the cost is ideally arrived at after clinical examination. Online costs are only approximate. Please refer to our financial policy.


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  • New Short Stem hip launched in Chennai

    Bone preserving Hip performed by first Indian surgeon in south India 33 year old South Indian house wife suffering from a condition called “Ost


    Stem cell option for early AVN treatment.

    http://www.articlesbase.com/medicine-articles/avascular-necrosis-novel-treatment-options-in-india-2097339.html Stem cells options now available in


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