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Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam FRCS, M.Ch Orth, MS Orth, DNB Orth

Indian & UK board certified Orthopedic surgeon

Current position

Consultant Orthopedic surgeon in private practice, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Past positions

  1. Associate professor in Orthopedics, Chettinad medical college, Kelambakkam  2006 to 2012
  2. Consultant Orthopedic surgeon in private practice, Chennai hospitals. 
  3. Specialist Orthopedic surgeon, Dubai hospital and Rashid hospital, Dubai, UAE- June - Dec 2003
  4. Senior specialist, Head of department of Orthopedics, Ibri regional referral hospital, Oman 2002 - 2003
  5. Consultant in Orthopedics,  1998-2002 Apollo Specialty hospitals, Chennai
  6. Consultant in Orthopedics- Child's trust hospital- 1999- 2000
  7. Consultant in Orthopedics- Sundaram medical  foundation- 1999
  8. Consultant in Orthopedics- Metro  hospital, NOIDA, Sunflag hospital, Faridabad 1997- 1998
  9. Consultant in Orthopedics- St.Stephen's hosital, Delhi
  10. Senior registrar in Orthopaedics - Bolton hospital, England, UK- Jan 1997- March  1997
  11. Specialist registrar in Orthopedics, North West rotation, UK- at Tameside general, Stepping  hill hospital Stockport, North Manchester general hospital, UK 1994 Dec - Dec 1996
  12. Registrar in orthopedics- Inverclyde royal hospital- Greenock, Scotland 1994
  13. Registrar in Orthopedics- Royal Liverpool University hospital, Liverpool 1994
  14. Orthopedic department - Alderhey hospital, Liverpool.1993-1994
  15. Junior resident in Orthopedics- Central Institute of Orthopedics, New Delhi 1989- 1992
  16. Medical Officer- Army Medical corps- 1984- 1989- Base hospitals. 

I am an Indian & UK board certified Orthopaedic surgeon. I have worked in Hip replacement units in the UK. I am experience in primary and revision hip replacement.
I am registered with the medical council of India and GMC, London, UK. I am a life member of the Indian Orthopedic association and the Madras Orthopedic society.
I have worked in India, UK, Dubai and Oman. I have visited centers of excellence in Australia, Belgium and Dubai as a visiting fellow to learn advanced techniques in hip replacement.  
I have attended a cadaveric course on minimally invasive hip replacement and resurfacing.
I am able to provide a range of hip replacement procedures.
I have been in independent private practice for the last seventeen years. I have privileges in private hospitals in Chennai.
I am able to provide individual care. I practice evidence based surgery. Thus patients are able to make considered decisions about their treatment easily with my diligent inputs.
I have a particular interest in total & short stem hip replacement, biological treatments for avascular necrosis.
I have introduced new implants and techniques in Chennai.
I have presented my work at local and international conferences
I was an associate professor in orthopedic surgery. I have headed research and development for an orthopedic implant company.


Academic achievements

Twelve publications in international journals like The Foot, Orthpaedics international etc
Two dissertations
Twenty international training courses and symposia.

1  Basic AO course- AO foundation of India 1990
2. FRCS course- Royal college of surgeons of England. 1993
3. Advanced AO course- Royal college of surgeons of England. 1994
4. Interlocking nailing course- Royal college of surgeons of England.1994
5. External fixation course- Royal college of surgeons of England.1994
6. Intermediate arthroscopy course- Royal college of surgeons of England. 1995
7. Osteotomy course- Royal national orthopedic hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex, UK 1995
8. Leeds Biomecanics course- Leeds, UK. 1995.
9. Radiation protection course- UK, 1995.
10. ATLS course- Royal college of surgeons of England,1995.
11. Ilizarov course- Royal college of surgeons of England, 1995.
12. Current concepts in Pediatric Orthopedic surgery- Manchester university, 1995
13. Current concepts in Upper limb surgery- Manchester university, 1996
14. M.Ch orthopedic surgery- University of Liverpool, 1995.
15.Current concepts in Knee replacement- American hospital, Dubai 2003.
16. Meniscal transplantation- University of Ghent, Belgium, 2005.
17. Minimal invasive Knee replacement & Hip Resurfacing, Zimmer institute, India 2007.
18.Workshop on Birmingham mid head resection, Journey knee, patient specific instruments, Australia, 2009.
19. Workshop on Cartilage and bone regeneration with stem cells- TOSH hospital, Chennai- hands on experience with experts in cartilage and bone regeneration, March 2014
20. International Cartilage research society conference, Focus Knee - Zurich, Switzerland 2014 July.


1) Indian Orthopaedic association- Life member
2) Madras Orthopaedic society- Life member
3) International Cartilage research society
4) General Medical council UK- Full membership
5) Fellow of Royal college of physicians and surgeons of Glasgow Uk
6) University of Liverpool UK- Alumni

 Paper presentations- 

1) Tawam hospital, Abu Dhabi- Management of acetabular fractures 2003
2) Ibri regional referral hospital- Management of acetabular fractures 2002
3) Madras Orthopaedic society - Surgical technique for Synovial chondromatosis of knee 1999
4) Madras Orthopaedic society-Treatment of Perthes disease 1999
5) Chettinad Hospital and research institute journal- Treatment of neglected acetabular fractures with total hip  replacement 2012
6) Orthopaedia- Bio composites in Orthopaedics 2009
7) Indian Medical tourism conference Toronto- Latest advances in Knee replacement 2009
8) Indian Medical tourism conference Toronto- Short stem hip replacement 2009
9) Abuja Nigeria- High flexion knee replacement 2008
10) Arab health conference 2010- High flexion knee replacement
11) Indian Orthopaedic association Annual conference 2012- Biocomposites in Joint replacement
12) Poster presentation - Indian Orthopaedic association Annual conference Poster presentation- Role of short stem hip replacement in neglected acetabular fractures.
13) Madras orthopaedic soiety- Hook plate method for Posterior column acetabular fractures- 1999
14) Madras Orthopaedic society- Surgical managment of Calcaneal fractures 2000


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