Evaluate Your Hip Pain

Evaluation of hip pain

You may want to check out if you need a hip replacement. Before you send us an email, we suggest that you see this check list

    • 1. Is it painful to perform routine activities? Yes/No
    • 2. Does hip pain / discomfort limit your participation in activities you enjoy? Yes / No
    • 3. Does the pain interfere with your ability to walk? Yes/No
    • 4. Do you have hip pain while sleeping? Yes/No
    • 5. Does your hip pain on more than one day during a week? Yes/No
    • 6. Would you say your hip pain is strong? Yes/No
    • 7. Are pain medications no longer working? Yes/No

If your answers to four or more of the above are Yes, then it is highly possible that there is some damage within your hip. You need to see your doctor. You can request an appointment with Dr.Venkat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may be a candidate for a surgical procedure.

If your answers to the above are 0- 4, it is possible that you might be able to manage without any surgery but may need some medications. Still you need to consult your doctor to rule out something serious or to determine if you need further follow up. It is possible that your pain is coming from the spine. I evaluate the spine in all cases of hip pain to exclude disease. 

Hip Procedures.

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