Fracture head femur treatment, Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Fracture head femur treatment, Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Fracture head femur treatment Dr.A.K.Venkatachalm. Fracture head of femur is a rare injury. It needs hip replacement. The x ray below shows this injury. The patient is a 27 year old man who will be treated with a durable hip replacement. If your family member has sustained this injury, e mail for an appointment. 

Hip fractures in elderly- How to prevent them

Hip fracture in elderly

Hip Fractures in Indian Seniors – What You Need to Know Hip fractures among Indians are more closely associated with seniors, than their younger counterparts, due to various age-related ailments. The most important underlying factor of hip fractures is osteoporosis that causes weak bones and makes the body susceptible to fall related injuries. According to a […]

Sickle cell hip treatment India

Right hip shows advanced Avascular necrosis due to sickle cell disease. Patient is from Cameroon, West Africa where this disease is rampant. It needs a hip replacement

Hip resurfacing India, Five year result o

Five year result of hip resurfacing India

This photo was sent to me by a former hip resurfacing patient five years after his surgery. He has successfully climbed the eighth highest mountain in Africa. Mr.SR from Uganda is the person sitting to your far left. I am so happy to have restored his mobility which enabled him to chase his values. This […]

Hip arthritis treatment India stem cells

Hip arthritis treatment India stem cells

Hip arthritis treatment India stem cells. Yesterday I saw a 30-year-old software analyst from northern India. She has had hip pain for  the last two years. After seeing many doctors in her hometown she visited me this week. After doing a battery of tests and x-rays, I concluded that she has got degenerative arthritis of […]

10 tips after Hip replacement surgery India

10 tips after hip replacement surgery India

10 tips after Hip replacement surgery India. Q 1) When can I walk a mile after Hip replacement surgery India ? A 1) You can walk a mile after about 6 to 8 weeks. Q 2) When can I shower after a hip replacement? A 2) You can shower after wound healing is complete which […]

Stem cell treatment Hip AVN India- Check out the new website!

Stem cell treatment Hip India

Do you want stem cell treatment for AVN in India? The new website offers a host of information about stem cells. Check it out. Share it with your friends who have AVN of hip.  

Congenital hip dislocation India

Congenital hip dislocation

This is the x ray of a 38 year old lady with developmental dysplasia of the hip. The left hip is abnormal and there is secondary osteo-arthritis in the joint. She is going to need an advanced hip replacement. Visit

Stem cell treatment Hip joint India

Do you want stem cell treatment Hip joint India? You may be suffering from early AVN or primary osteo-arthritis of the hip joint. Upto now your only option was a total hip replacement. However I am pleased to announce the extension of stem cell treatment to the hip also. I have tasted success in the […]

Which material for hip replacement?

You might need a hip replacement. There are many material options. Which #hip #replacement material is best? The available materials are metal on metal, metal on plastic, ceramic on ceramic, ceramic on metal. Patients get carried away by online propaganda which is based on no evidence. Example being the metal on metal and hip resurfacing which […]