10 tips after hip replacement surgery India

10 tips after Hip replacement surgery India.

Q 1) When can I walk a mile after Hip replacement surgery India ?
A 1) You can walk a mile after about 6 to 8 weeks.

Q 2) When can I shower after a hip replacement?
A 2) You can shower after wound healing is complete which occurs in two weeks normally.

Q 3) When can I sit cross-legged on the floor after a hip replacement?
A 3) You’ll be able to sit cross-legged on the floor after about three months of good physical therapy.

Q 4) When can I drive a car?
A 4) You can drive a car after six weeks.

Q 5) Do I need to stop any drugs before my hip replacement?
A 5) You may have to stop blood thinners a week or two before your surgery.

Q 6) For how long will I have to take pain killers after surgery?
A 6) Pain killers are normally required for about three weeks only.

Q 7) Is there a risk of blood clots after my hip replacement?
A 7) Blood clots may develop in the smaller veins of your leg after a hip replacement. These are not however a big risk for pulmonary embolism.

Q 8) What precautions are needed to avoid a blood clot?
A 8) I used blood thinning medication,TED stockings and a foot pump in high-risk cases only. These are people with varicose veins, previous history of a blood clot and other illnesses.

Q 9) What precautions do I have to observe after my hip replacement?
A 9) You must take good care of your teeth, avoid urinary and skin infections and get prompt treatment for these from your doctor.

Q 10) I may have to travel overseas. Will this set off an alarm at the airport security check?
A 10) The new x-ray machines will not set off an alarm. No documents are necessary.