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Avascular necrosis of hip- New biological treatment options

Stem cell treatment of avascular necrosis.

Stem cell treatment of avascular necrosis.

A novel form of treatment is now available in India for patients with early stage avascular necrosis of the hip. This treatment is based on regenerative medicine.

Avascular necrosis of the hip is a condition of unknown origin affecting many young and middle aged patients. Steroid intake, alcoholism, Sickle cell diseas, hypertension, decompression sickness are some known causes. Moderate to severe disease is treated by hip resurfacing whereas core decompression is offered to the first stage of the disease. Grade II A disease is an intermediary stage between the two extremes and has no definite treatment options. There is controversy on the appropriate treatment. Hip replacement is perhaps too drastic an operation for this early stage of the disease. Core decompression has limited success rate. Left to progress it leads to deterioration and hip arthritis.

For this stage, a biolgoical option is now available. This is based on the potential of stem cells to heal the avascular bone. Stem cells are drawn from the patient and cultured in the lab. A few weeks later, they are injected back into the affected portion of the femoral head along with a core decompression. In a core decompression the surgeon will drill a tunnel in the hip bone leading into the affected area. The regenerative bone cells are injected into the affected area. The bone forming cells called Osteoblasts synthesize new bone in the dead area. This leads to healing and hence a biological cure. The technique is called Ossron

This process is avaiable in India for a reasonable cost.

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Orthopedic surgery in India – Foot surgery for Nigerian

A Nigerian judge sought Orthopedic surgery from Dr.Venkatachalam for his son’s Paralytic foot.

Here he narrates his experience.

Orthopedic surgeon India impresses Nigerian doctor

Orthopedic surgery abroad- Nigerian doctor’s experience in India

Video shows a Nigerian doctor rating Dr. Venkatachalam’s services as excellent.

Sufferin from hip pain? Hip resurfacing a solution

People dread getting old. If you are Caucasian and approaching your forties, you may have already noticed that some of the things you did as a teenager aren’t that easy anymore. As a general rule, if you take care of yourself when you are young, getting old will be easier. Joint pains develop and progress to restrict your life style and stop you enjoying outdoor activities.

A lot of people will have to face as a part of the aging process one of those things is hip replacements for hip pain.

According to The National Institue of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases there are over 193000 hip replacements performed in the U.S. each year. In the UK, the numbers are about 5, 00000 per year.

Hip resurfacing operation

Hip resurfacing operation