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Birmingham Hip resurfacing puts American back on his feet.

Grandon Benson from Portland Washington had his Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery in India. After enduring 12 years of pain, he is relieved and able to walk normally.

Grandon had damaged his right hip in a car accident 12 years ago. Although it was fixed in the US, he developed arthritis. Like many baby boomers, Grandon didn’t want to lead a life of misery and pain. When he couldn’t get surgery back home in the US, he preferred Indian Orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam to perform his right hip resurfacing.

Grandon underwent the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure which is of recent vintage in the US.

He is recovering in hospital and will soon go to a resort for recuperation.

Hip resurfacing BHR India

Grandon Benson,USA patient for BHR

Avascular necrosis treatment with stem cells in India

Avascular necrosis of the hip Stem cell cure for bone problemsis a frequently seen condition in young patients. It is of diverse origin and its treatment is controversial. Surgical treatment remains the key stone in late cases with hip replacement as the proved and tested method. Surgeons at the Madras Joint replacement center are proud to announce a novel form of biological treatment with stem cells. It can be performed for patients with the early stages of the disease.
When the disease is detected early by MRI scans, it is possible in India now to perform a biological treatment.

In fact a biological treatment option of early disease is a medical necessity and must be the treatment of choice whenever possible.

A novel approach to this condition is being mooted by a leading Orthopedic surgeon in Chennai, India. This is by means of stem cells. Stem cells have the potential to regenerate any tissue. In this case, bone forming stem cells are utilized to synthesize new bone over the dead bone. Stem cells are harvested from the pelvis of the patient.

There are two techniques being promoted. One is a three stage procedure and the other is a single stage procedure. Both procedures are done in India, implying that you will save thousands of dollars in treatment costs.

The first method is by stem cell culture in the lab to multiply the number of cells several million fold. These cultured stem cells are reinjected into a previous core decompression site.

In the second method, bone marrow obtained from the pelvis is centrifuged in the operating room to yield a Bone marrow concentrate rich in stem cells. These are injected into a core decompression site.

A paper presented at the recent American academy of surgeons meet in New Orleans highlighted the success story of stem cells.

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