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Hip replacement after acetabular fractures

Total hip replacement India

Total hip replacement

Delta ceramic prosthesis

Delta ceramic prosthesis

An acetabular fracture refers to a broken hip socket. It results after road traffic or domestic accidents. Mostly young people are involved.  The initial treatment consists of internal fixation. When this fails, hip arthritis results.  This is called secondary osteo-arthritis. Acetabular fractures are a leading cause of hip arthritis in young people.
The head of the femur ( ball)  also develops avascular necrosis. When arthritic pain ensues, hip replacement becomes necessary. Total hip replacement has been the standard treatment. It can address the concerns of shortening. We have introduced short stem hip replacements as an option. This has the advantage of preserving bone stock. As these patients are young, they may require a redo operation later. Hence it is preferable to use durable implants & preserve bone.
Hip replacement in these patients is technically difficult and is best done by surgeons with lot of experience in acetabular fractures and arthroplasty.

We demonstrate  few cases here.  These patients underwent hip replacement.  Uncemented or cementless implants were used. Bone grafting was done. Please refer to the PDF link. for more information.
In our series, both conventional and short stem hip replacements have been used. Uncemented or cementless hip arthroplasty was preferred.
Bone grafting has been done in two cases. A variety of bearings were used. These were ceramic on metal, ceramic on ceramic, metal on poly. Hard bearings are preferable in these young patients as they can last longer. All patients regained pain free mobility, restored limb length within three months after surgery. View the testimonial of one of these patients  Nigerian patients’ testimonial are here, and here

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Protrusio acetabuli – treatment with total hip replacement in India

Protrusio acetabuli means a deep hip socket. It means a migration of the medial wall of acetabulum medial to the Kohler’s line. It can result from many primary and secondary causes. An important secondary cause is acetabular bone deficiency after total hip replacement. This requires a revision hip replacement. Trabecular metal, cages, bone graft are treatment options.
Total hip replacement in Protrusio acetabuli Slide show of Total hip replacement in Protrusio acetabuli. Surgery performed by Dr. A.K.Venkatachalam.  Neglected transverse fracture of acetabulum resulted in malunion and protrusio acetabuli.

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