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Hip replacement for hip socket fractures in India

Hip replacement for hip socket fracture in India. Hip socket fractures or acetabular fractures  occur on the socket side of the hip joint. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. The ball is formed by the upper end of the thigh bone ( femur). The socket ( acetabulum) is the receptacle at the outer side of the pelvis.

Hip replacement for hip socket fracture

Acetabular fracture

Socket fractures occur due to the following causes

  • Four wheeler accidents
  • Fall from height
  • Domestic falls in elderly
  • Direct trauma to hip joint

Open reduction and internal fixation is the best treatment in the initial stages. Improper fixation can result in hip arthritis. Patients with this condition will experience pain and will require a hip replacement.  Most patients who suffer this are young. Total hip replacement is the recommended treatment. A short stem hip replacement is an alternative to THR in these young patients. In some elderly patients, these fractures can be left to heal naturally. In the young patient,  proper treatment is mandatory to avoid hip arthritis.  The priority is to get a stable socket fixation. Acetabular fixation employs uncemented sockets, bone graft, metal augments, supplementary fixation. Once the acetabular side is sorted out, attention is given to the femoral side. Here the primary choice so far has been a total hip replacement. We have pioneered an alternative approach to the implant on the femoral side with the use of a short stem hip replacement. The main advantage of short stem hip replacement is that it conserves bone on the femoral side. The presentation shows  a series of acetabular fractures treated by Dr.Venkatachalam.

This presentation shows hip replacement in neglected acetabular fractures.  It was presented at the Indian Orthopedic association meeting in Dec 2012 in Chennai

stem hip replacement. An Indian patient describes his experience of hip replacement for acetabular fracture here. He received a short stem hip replacement for a neglected acetabular fracture. Total hip replacement in India patient story from ALAMPALLAM VENKATACHALAM on Vimeo. Discover more information about hip replacements for acetabular fractures here,  Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam has treated a large number of patients with acetabular fractures. You can see the presentation here With this experience, Dr.Venkat is able to give 100% assurance. If you have pain and need an affordable hip replacement, e mail

Stem cell treatment AVN India.

Core decompression, Ossron, BMAC for AVN

Avascular necrosis hip CD+ABI+BMAC.

Stem cell treatment AVN India.
Watch stem cell preparation in this video. A core decompression is the first part of the procedure. It removes dead bone and creates a vascular environment for in growth of stem cells. Following core decompression, various categories of stem cells were used to regenerate blood supply, connective tissue and bone.  The first product injected was Bone marrow aspirate and a bone substitute. This contains angiogenic cells plus mesenchymal stem cells which encourage growth of blood vessels into the affected area.  Then live cultured Osteoblast cells ( Ossron) was injected. Ossron is a trade name for ‘ Autologous osteoblast implantation”. Osteo blasts are bone forming cells.  The back end of the cavity was filled with matrix bone graft.

Stem cell treatment AVN India

Stem cell treatment AVN






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