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Total Hip replacement for sequelae of childhood septic arthritis hip

Septic arthritis hip

Difficult hip replacement for childhood septic arthritis hip

Septic arthritis hip sequelae – total hip replacement in India.

A young Nigerian accountant got total hip replacement in India for a chronic condition of the hip. Childhood sepsis had led to a destroyed and undeveloped hip. Total hip replacement restored mobility. An S-ROM hip replacement with Pinnacle cup was used. Hard bearings used in this case will ensure a durable outcome in this young patient.

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Do you suffer from hip arthritis in young age? Delta motion ceramic hip replacement is the answer for you. Get this done and lead a pain free life.  This is a very durable material for hip replacement. It is very hard and resistant to breaking. Its wear resistance enables it to last forever in the human body. Delta motion ceramic hip replacement is recommended in young patients with hip arthritis. It  has no side effects unlike  metal on metal hips. Listen to a patient example here Hip replacement is required in the following conditions. 

Delta motion ceramic hip replacement Chennai

Delta motion ceramic hip replacement


  1. Avascular necrosis.
  2. Acetabular fracture.
  3. Ankylosing spondylitis.
  4. DDH.
  5. Protrusio acetabuli
  6. Rheumatoid arthritis
  7. Primary osteo-arthritis
  8. Secondary osteo-arthritis
  9. Septic arthritis
  10. Perthes disease
  11. Slipped upper femoral epiphsis

See this video testimonial of delta motion ceramic hip replacement by an African patient.

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