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Total hip replacement India- African patient story after five years

Total hip Replacement India- African patient story after five years.  This patient suffered damage to her hip, knee and a foot drop. Dr.Venkatachalam performed hip replacement, knee deformity correction and ankle arthrodesis to reconstruct her badly damaged lower limb. She is now able to walk better. She has come for a follow up after five years and is pleased with the result.
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Total hip replacement India

Total hip replacement acetabular fracture

Hip socket or acetabular fractures are common in developing countries after road accidents. Total Hip replacement is required in neglected cases to restore mobility. Total hip replacement with durable implants in young patients reduces the need for a re do or revision hip replacement. Get in touch e  mail-

Hip Replacement surgery India- Patient story at 7 years

Hip Replacement surgery India

Bilateral short stem hip replacement

Hip Replacement surgery India- Patient story after seven years. She had bilateral hip replacements for Avascular necrosis.  Short stem hip replacements were done. She enjoys not only pain relief but very good function like floor sitting.  Avascular necrosis is a common condition among young patients which may need hip replacements.  Short stem hip replacements with durable materials can last very long, reducing the need for a re do operation later on. If you need a hip replacement, visit my website, Request an appointment by e mail at

Short stem hip replacement has several advantages when compared to total hip replacement. As it is anchored in the top part of the thigh bone, less penetration into the shaft avoids thigh pain. Bone retention allows for a total hip replacement later on instead of a revision hip replacement. A variety of bearing materials can be used.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery Chennai India

Total Hip Replacement Surgery Chennai India

Ceramic hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement Surgery Chennai India. Patient story after five years.

A Nigerian patient who underwent a total hip replacement in Chennai narrates her condition after five years. She sustained a hip socket fracture in 2007 in Nigeria. In 2008, she got a hip replacement done by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam.  She is comfortable and is very much mobile five years later.

Hip replacement was done for an acetabular fracture with associated complications.  Hip fracture resulted after a car accident in Nigeria. Hip fractures, protrusio acetabuli, sickle cell disease, rheumatoid arthritis are conditions needing a Total hip Replacement in young age. Durable materials like ceramic, cross linked poly ethylene are preferred. Minimally invasive surgery ensured a quick recovery.

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