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Avascular necrosis hip replacement

Neck preserving hip replacement in Avascular necrosis 
Avascular necrosis hip replacement of femoral head often leads to hip replacement. With the decline in popularity of hip resurfacing, neck preserving hip replacement is emerging as the treatment of choice. This procedure is advantageous in young patients. These are-

Neck preserving Hip replacement

Neck preserving hip replacement

  • Primary tri planar stability
  • Fixation in neck cortex
  • Physiological stress distribution
  • Elasticity of the bone prosthesis system
  • Bone stock preservation
  • Simpler revision to total hip replacement instead of revision hip replacement.

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Hip Replacement India – latest news

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Ceramic hip replacement

News about metal on metal Hip replacement India. As many are aware, metal on metal hip replacements were withdrawn from the market three years ago.

Delta motion ceramic hip replacements and metal on plastic hip replacements lack the side effects of metal on metal.

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Total hip replacement for fracture neck of femur

Fracture neck of femur in young adults leads to non union and Avascular necrosis as seen in this photo. This requires a total hip replacement with a durable prosthesis.

Fracture + AVN hip

Fracture neck + AVN