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Hip replacement patient at three years post op

This patient underwent a hip resurfacing three years ago in Chennai. He enjoys good function for daily activities. Hip replacement/ resurfacing restores  mobility to young and middle aged people and allows them to lead normal lives.

Hip replacement result

Hip replacement result

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Hip Replacement new development

People are living longer in the new century. They are more likely to outlive their hip replacements. Some materials for hip replacement although durable like metal on metal produced lot of side effects and were withdrawn. Researchers in their quest to discover newer material have now developed a new acetabular liner for hip replacement. See the link below.

MMATech  Ltd, developing an acetabular liner for total hip implants, produced with a revolutionarynovel, advanced, low-friction and wear-resistant polyimide material, will be opening an investment round after excellent clinical results in recent pilot studies.

Hip replacement

Hip Replacement

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