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The following email is from a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing India patient. Andy from Cambodia informs that he is doing great after five years.

Hello, Dr. V,

I’ve been so Blessed with the results I’ve had with the Birmingham Smith-Nephew Hip Resurfacing Method!!! I can barely tell the difference between my right and left hip. Couldn’t be better. I still can’t play the Piano, and I don’t want to learn Muay-Thai fighting-don’t want to get kicked in the leg. Love you a lot and Bless you for your diligence!!

Best Regards,


Andy came for a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing from Thailand. He wished to continue with an active life which the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure allowed him to do. His operated leg feels no different from the other normal one.

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Total hip replacement in Chennai for Avascular necrosis of hips.

Bilateral Avascular necrosis

Bilateral Avascular necrosis of hips

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