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Avascular necrosis treatment India – both hip replacements

Bilateral Avascular necrosis

Avascular necrosis treatment India. AVN is a common hip disease that affects both hips of young people. See how this young patient benefited from both hip replacements. Visit

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Avascular necrosis Hip Treatment India

Avascular necrosis Hip

Avascular necrosis Hip

Do you suffer from Avascular necrosis hip in India? It is a common condition among young patients. Common causes include steroid intake, alcohol overuse, trauma besides others.
It needs prompt diagnosis and treatment.
Non operative methods fail in 80% cases. Surgery is invariably required. We offer Core decompression and stem cell treatment for early stages. In late cases with arthritis, I do short stem hip replacements. This presentation explains the complete range of treatment offered in my clinic. The treatment provided are
Core decompression.
Core decompression + Stem cell treatment.
Short stem hip replacement.
Total hip replacement.
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