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The following email is from a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing India patient. Andy from Cambodia informs that he is doing great after five years.

Hello, Dr. V,

I’ve been so Blessed with the results I’ve had with the Birmingham Smith-Nephew Hip Resurfacing Method!!! I can barely tell the difference between my right and left hip. Couldn’t be better. I still can’t play the Piano, and I don’t want to learn Muay-Thai fighting-don’t want to get kicked in the leg. Love you a lot and Bless you for your diligence!!

Best Regards,


Andy came for a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing from Thailand. He wished to continue with an active life which the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure allowed him to do. His operated leg feels no different from the other normal one.

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Ceramic Hip Replacement India

Are you young and have painful hip arthritis? A Delta Ceramic Hip Replacement India will last forever and reduce the need for future surgery. Listen to this Podcast in which Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam from Chennai discusses this latest advance in Hip Replacement. Dr.Venkatachalam peforms Delta Motion Ceramic hip replacements in Chennai. The Delta motion Ceramic hip replacement is a better alternative to Hip Resurfacing.  It gives normal range of movement.  Ceramics are hard bearings and have superior wear resistance.
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Listen to this patient story

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Total hip replacement India- African patient story after five years

Total hip Replacement India- African patient story after five years.  This patient suffered damage to her hip, knee and a foot drop. Dr.Venkatachalam performed hip replacement, knee deformity correction and ankle arthrodesis to reconstruct her badly damaged lower limb. She is now able to walk better. She has come for a follow up after five years and is pleased with the result.
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Total hip replacement India

Total hip replacement acetabular fracture

Hip socket or acetabular fractures are common in developing countries after road accidents. Total Hip replacement is required in neglected cases to restore mobility. Total hip replacement with durable implants in young patients reduces the need for a re do or revision hip replacement. Get in touch e  mail-

Avascular necrosis treatment in India- Patient testimonial

Avascular necrosis treatment in India

The following is a patient testimonial. This patient was treated for avascular necrosis by a combination of core decompression, stem cells, BMAC and synthetic bone.  A per op x ray is shown in the image.

To Regrow

Avascular necrosis treatment in India

Avascular necrosis treatment in India


I am glad things finally worked out in such a way that my I could get my cells implanted properly. Dr. Venkat is a rare specimen with a sharp mind and heart of gold.  I commend him for being impervious to intrusion into his surgical decision-making and knowledgeable enough to ascertain the value of the protocol I had worked on with scientific advisers  for months.  In my estimation, Dr. Venkat is a true asset to the world and you.  He did a heroic thing – taking on a complicated surgery on a complicated case at the last minute.  Dr Venkat’s actions helped both you and I come out of this OK and without conflict and the entire time he acted with generosity, grace, intelligence, and excellence.  We should both be very grateful to him.




Stem cell treatment AVN India.

Core decompression, Ossron, BMAC for AVN

Avascular necrosis hip CD+ABI+BMAC.

Stem cell treatment AVN India.
Watch stem cell preparation in this video. A core decompression is the first part of the procedure. It removes dead bone and creates a vascular environment for in growth of stem cells. Following core decompression, various categories of stem cells were used to regenerate blood supply, connective tissue and bone.  The first product injected was Bone marrow aspirate and a bone substitute. This contains angiogenic cells plus mesenchymal stem cells which encourage growth of blood vessels into the affected area.  Then live cultured Osteoblast cells ( Ossron) was injected. Ossron is a trade name for ‘ Autologous osteoblast implantation”. Osteo blasts are bone forming cells.  The back end of the cavity was filled with matrix bone graft.

Stem cell treatment AVN India

Stem cell treatment AVN






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Hip Resurfacing revision with short stem hip replacement in India

Neck sparing hip arthroplasty as an option for hip resurfacing failure

Hip resurfacing revision is often required as hip resurfacing has an early failure rate of 10%. There is bone and soft tissue destruction. However most patients who underwent hip resurfacing  are young or middle aged. Recommending a total hip arthroplasty may be too drastic for them. In this scenario, short stem hip replacement or neck sparing arthroplasty offers an interim solution. It can postpone a total hip replacement by several years. However it will have to be done fairly early before tissue destruction is advanced.

Short stem hip replacements with the Proxima hip have been performed in the last decade with good success rate. This prosthesis spares natural bone in the neck of femur. The other advantage is that there is no thigh pain. It can be used with different bearings like ceramic, metal, poly ethylene. See how short stem hip replacement benefited an American patient here.

Hip resurfacing revision

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Medical tourism in India= free market option for Americans

In 2007 a fifty year old New York church official sought double knee replacements in India. He was unable to attend to his chores. Through his research he discovered a surgeon in Chennai, India. He got both his knees replaced for 14,000 USD. This would have been un imaginable for him in the US. Many more Americans and Canadians have been hopping on to the medical tourism band wagon since then. This year I have received more inquires from Americans for knee & hip replacements than in previous years. Most patients seeking treatment abroad are uninsured. Hip & knee replacements are the most common procedures that are sought.
Canadians too are seeking treatment abroad as their options are more restricted by socialized health care. In addition, many of them want durable options which are unavailable to them in govt hospitals. Eric Carlson, an engineer from Alberta, Canada got an oxinium knee replacement. Another patient is keen on getting a custom fit knee replacement with an oxinium knee. More innovations like PRP injections, stem cell treatment are available.

Many myths about treatment abroad are unfounded. Developing countries like India have UK qualified doctors, good hospitals, infection free environment. I have spent several years in the UK and have visited Europe, Australia and the US to observe and learn new procedures. I am able to adopt new procedures without much intervention. Implant companies supplying hip and knee prostheses in India are not much affected by unnecessary taxes. I accept cash payments, credit card and traveler’s checks. Since I am an independent doctor, I can pass on cost savings to my patients who readily welcome this. You can slash overhead charges that come from a medical tourism facilitator. Since the internet is a free medium, you can easily discover this site on knee & hip replacements. Use your own judgement rather than being coerced by some facilitator who will obviously have a vested interest.
Patients travelling to our facility can expect to pay one third to one tenth the cost of the same treatment in the US without a long waiting time. Typically one can expect to pay 7500 USD for a knee replacement with us in India in comparison to 50,000 USD in the US. This is a great free market option for Americans. Costlier implants are also available.
Distance, separation from family, climate and apprehensions may be hurdles to the uninitiated but these seem minor in comparison to the bang on the buck. Many Americans consider this is a valuable learning experience of the operation of free market principles.
We offer knee & hip replacements, stem cell and regenerative medicine options. With regenerative options some younger patients can avoid or postpone a joint replacement. Cartilage and bone regeneration help achieve this.
We provide a door to door service like airport pick up, hotel arrangement, local transfers, treatment, holiday and airport drop off.

See videos of Americans who had a knee replacement here.


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Hip replacement in India is easy on your pocket

Affordable hip replacement in India

Hip replacement in India=Savings

Hip replacement in India is equal to savings for thousands in Africa. Beset with hip problems from childhood, suffering is part of lives of many unfortunate ones.  Fortunately for them, a hip replacement in India from a reputed UK trained Orthopedic surgeon is at hand. See this press release for details Discover your options by visiting

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Hip replacement India helps Nigerian accountant bounce back.

Hip replacement India restored Nigerian’s mobility. A Nigerian accountant crippled since infancy had her mobility restored thanks to a difficult surgery by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in India. Childhood infection of the hip had eaten away the joint and left her with an undeveloped hip. Career and finances prevented her from seeking out a solution. Despite years of research she was unable to find a surgeon in India, South Africa, Nigeria and the UK to operate on her. The quote was too high or the surgeons didn’t possess the right knowledge and skills according to her. She finally discovered Dr. Venkatachalam in Chennai. He undertook the challenge after pre operative counselling about the rewards and risks. Eventually she had a successful outcome and is back home in Nigeria. Here she is seen smiling from her hospital bed in Chennai, India. Dr.Venkatachalam has operated on many difficult cases in India. You can get more information from his website, and his blog,

Hip replacement in India

Hip replacement India

Revision hip replacement for Ugandan in India

Revision hip implant

Revision hip implant

Revision hip replacement India

Ugandan lady Esither Rubangura

A revision hip replacement was performed for a retired Ugandan midwife. A cemented hip replacement done in 2004 had loosened. She had severe bone loss in the femur and moderate bone loss in the acetabulum. Dr.Venkatachalam performed an uncemented revision hip replacement. He used the Wagner stem and Trilogy cup from Zimmer. Allograft bone was used to reconstitute acetabular and femoral bone loss.
The same patient had undergone a primary knee replacement last week.
Thousands of patients from Afrcian countries travel to India for joint replacements. Dr. Venkatachalam is a joint replacement orthopedic surgeon