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Hip resurfacing India, Five year result o

Five year result of hip resurfacing India

This photo was sent to me by a former hip resurfacing patient five years after his surgery. He has successfully climbed the eighth highest mountain in Africa. Mr.SR from Uganda is the person sitting to your far left. I am so happy to have restored his mobility which enabled him to chase his values.

This is what he said,

Five year result of hip resurfacing India

Successful result of hip resurfacing

“good evening Dr V, 5 years on from my hip replacement I climbed the 8th highest mountain in Africa. It took 1.5 days to hike 20k to the top starting at 1200m and finishing at 4321m. Surely that is a testament to your brilliant surgery.”
SR, Uganda.

The following email is from a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing India patient. Andy from Cambodia informs that he is doing great after five years.

Hello, Dr. V,

I’ve been so Blessed with the results I’ve had with the Birmingham Smith-Nephew Hip Resurfacing Method!!! I can barely tell the difference between my right and left hip. Couldn’t be better. I still can’t play the Piano, and I don’t want to learn Muay-Thai fighting-don’t want to get kicked in the leg. Love you a lot and Bless you for your diligence!!

Best Regards,


Andy came for a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing from Thailand. He wished to continue with an active life which the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure allowed him to do. His operated leg feels no different from the other normal one.

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Blood metal ions tied to failed metal hip replacement, resurfacing

This is a latest report on metal on metal hip replacement and resurfacing. Metal on metal hip replacements and resurfacing result in increased incidence of early failures. Increased blood metal ions are a way of detecting a possible failure. Yearly assessments are advised to monitor the survivorship of the implant.

Hip replacement patient at three years post op

This patient underwent a hip resurfacing three years ago in Chennai. He enjoys good function for daily activities. Hip replacement/ resurfacing restores  mobility to young and middle aged people and allows them to lead normal lives.

Hip replacement result

Hip replacement result

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Acetabular fracture treatment in India-short stem hip.

Acetabular fracture treatment in India

Malunited acetabular fractures- Role of short stem hip replacement by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

See here for more information about treatment of acetabular fractures.

Trabecular metal in Hip surgery India – Bone like metal improves results

  • Trabecular metal is a bone like material. It fills up bone defects in the hip, knee and shoulder.  More and more cases of failed hip resurfacing are emerging. These cases are now needing a revision hip replacement. The old implant as shown here is removed. This results in bone deficiencies. The surgeon has the difficult task of filling these. I have used TM augments in the past to do this.  The picture at the bottom shows a socket revision done in May 2011 with trabecular metal augments.

    Now TM is available for primary hip sockets. They promote bone growth. This material can build up bone defects resulting from failed hip resurfacing.

Failed hip resurfacing

Failed hip resurfacing.

TM augments

TM augments


Trabecular metal augments

trabecular metal augments in hip revision surgery

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Hip resurfacing failure

Hip resurfacing failure with loose socket

 Hip resurfacing failure – treatment with short stem hip replacement. See our website, for more information. Short stem hip replacements preserve bone in the neck of femur allowing a revision hip replacement later on. Short stem hip replacements are thus a valuable option for failed hip resurfacing.

Hip Resurfacing revision with short stem hip replacement in India

Neck sparing hip arthroplasty as an option for hip resurfacing failure

Hip resurfacing revision is often required as hip resurfacing has an early failure rate of 10%. There is bone and soft tissue destruction. However most patients who underwent hip resurfacing  are young or middle aged. Recommending a total hip arthroplasty may be too drastic for them. In this scenario, short stem hip replacement or neck sparing arthroplasty offers an interim solution. It can postpone a total hip replacement by several years. However it will have to be done fairly early before tissue destruction is advanced.

Short stem hip replacements with the Proxima hip have been performed in the last decade with good success rate. This prosthesis spares natural bone in the neck of femur. The other advantage is that there is no thigh pain. It can be used with different bearings like ceramic, metal, poly ethylene. See how short stem hip replacement benefited an American patient here.

Hip resurfacing revision

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Mini hip replacement in India- better option in young patients

A mini hip replacement may be a better option in young patients. Hip arthritis in young can be primary or secondary to other disorders. A mini hip implant as shown here saves precious bone and can last for twenty years. It is a better option vs the failed metal on metal total hip replacement and Hip resurfacing ASR.

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New mini hip replacement in Chennai treatment for Avascular necrosis

Hip replacement in Chennai allows young patients to walk normally.  See patient story here. Visit To book your appointment e mail