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Hip Replacement India – latest news

hip replacement india

Ceramic hip replacement

News about metal on metal Hip replacement India. As many are aware, metal on metal hip replacements were withdrawn from the market three years ago.

Delta motion ceramic hip replacements and metal on plastic hip replacements lack the side effects of metal on metal.

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New Hip replacement material Chennai

new hip replacement material Chennai

Hip replacement

A new hip replacement material Chennai is available in my practice. The socket of the artificial hip is made of this new material. It is called ‘Trabecular metal’. Sockets made of this new material promote in growth of  natural bone.

This material was already available for redo hip replacements in India. Encouraged by its success, the company has manufactured primary hip sockets also with this new material.

Various types of liners can be used with this metal shell to suit the age and requirement of the patient. These materials include cross linked plastic, delta ceramic and metal. Hip Replacement in India is commonly sought procedure by young patients. This new material will allow hip replacements to last longer in young patients.

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Stem cell treatment AVN India.

Core decompression, Ossron, BMAC for AVN

Avascular necrosis hip CD+ABI+BMAC.

Stem cell treatment AVN India.
Watch stem cell preparation in this video. A core decompression is the first part of the procedure. It removes dead bone and creates a vascular environment for in growth of stem cells. Following core decompression, various categories of stem cells were used to regenerate blood supply, connective tissue and bone.  The first product injected was Bone marrow aspirate and a bone substitute. This contains angiogenic cells plus mesenchymal stem cells which encourage growth of blood vessels into the affected area.  Then live cultured Osteoblast cells ( Ossron) was injected. Ossron is a trade name for ‘ Autologous osteoblast implantation”. Osteo blasts are bone forming cells.  The back end of the cavity was filled with matrix bone graft.

Stem cell treatment AVN India

Stem cell treatment AVN






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Hip fracture treatment in Velachery, Chennai, India.

Hip fractures are common in the elderly. They are mostly caused by a fall in the shower or sidewalk. Hip fractures are an emergency. Delay in seeking treatment can lead to increased risk of complications.  Early surgery enables the patient to stand up and walk within one or two days. Bed sores, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, lung clots can be prevented. Call us when you get the news. Visit . E mail

Medical tourism in India= free market option for Americans

In 2007 a fifty year old New York church official sought double knee replacements in India. He was unable to attend to his chores. Through his research he discovered a surgeon in Chennai, India. He got both his knees replaced for 14,000 USD. This would have been un imaginable for him in the US. Many more Americans and Canadians have been hopping on to the medical tourism band wagon since then. This year I have received more inquires from Americans for knee & hip replacements than in previous years. Most patients seeking treatment abroad are uninsured. Hip & knee replacements are the most common procedures that are sought.
Canadians too are seeking treatment abroad as their options are more restricted by socialized health care. In addition, many of them want durable options which are unavailable to them in govt hospitals. Eric Carlson, an engineer from Alberta, Canada got an oxinium knee replacement. Another patient is keen on getting a custom fit knee replacement with an oxinium knee. More innovations like PRP injections, stem cell treatment are available.

Many myths about treatment abroad are unfounded. Developing countries like India have UK qualified doctors, good hospitals, infection free environment. I have spent several years in the UK and have visited Europe, Australia and the US to observe and learn new procedures. I am able to adopt new procedures without much intervention. Implant companies supplying hip and knee prostheses in India are not much affected by unnecessary taxes. I accept cash payments, credit card and traveler’s checks. Since I am an independent doctor, I can pass on cost savings to my patients who readily welcome this. You can slash overhead charges that come from a medical tourism facilitator. Since the internet is a free medium, you can easily discover this site on knee & hip replacements. Use your own judgement rather than being coerced by some facilitator who will obviously have a vested interest.
Patients travelling to our facility can expect to pay one third to one tenth the cost of the same treatment in the US without a long waiting time. Typically one can expect to pay 7500 USD for a knee replacement with us in India in comparison to 50,000 USD in the US. This is a great free market option for Americans. Costlier implants are also available.
Distance, separation from family, climate and apprehensions may be hurdles to the uninitiated but these seem minor in comparison to the bang on the buck. Many Americans consider this is a valuable learning experience of the operation of free market principles.
We offer knee & hip replacements, stem cell and regenerative medicine options. With regenerative options some younger patients can avoid or postpone a joint replacement. Cartilage and bone regeneration help achieve this.
We provide a door to door service like airport pick up, hotel arrangement, local transfers, treatment, holiday and airport drop off.

See videos of Americans who had a knee replacement here.


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New mini hip replacement in Chennai treatment for Avascular necrosis

Hip replacement in Chennai allows young patients to walk normally.  See patient story here. Visit To book your appointment e mail

Hip replacement in India is easy on your pocket

Affordable hip replacement in India

Hip replacement in India=Savings

Hip replacement in India is equal to savings for thousands in Africa. Beset with hip problems from childhood, suffering is part of lives of many unfortunate ones.  Fortunately for them, a hip replacement in India from a reputed UK trained Orthopedic surgeon is at hand. See this press release for details Discover your options by visiting

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Short stem hip replacement India

Short stem hip replacement India restores Indian patient’s mobility and relieves pain.  He underwent surgery by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in Chennai. The reason for this surgery was a failed previous internal fixation of his hip socket. Broken Hip socket or Acetabular fractures occur in young patients as a result of considerable force. The socket of the ball and socket joint is broken. It is treated by assembling the broken bone bits accurately an fixing them with plates and screws.  Later Hip replacement may be required if arthritis develops. This is what happened to this patient in this video. Instead of a total hip replacement he got a more preserving short stem hip replacement. This is the Proxima hip.

Short stem hip replacement India by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam.

The Proxima hip is an example of a short stem hip replacement. It is implanted in the metaphysis or upper part of the femur.The Proxima hip is a bone preserving prosthesis as it preserves the neck portion. It is versatile as it can be combined with a range of bearing materials like ceramic, metal, poly ethylene.

Indications for Short stem hip replacements-

The indication was post traumatic arthritis following a malunited acetabular fracture. Other indications are avascular necrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. Short stem femoral components can be used with a range of bearing materials like metal, ceramic, oxinium.

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Cement less hip replacement India, MJRC part 1

Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam performs an uncemented hip replacement. The patient has a neglected fracture dislocation of the hip.
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Difficult primary total hip replacement for sequelae of pyogenic arthritis

A forty year old Nigerian lady crippled by pyogenic arthritis in infancy received a primary total hip replacement. This restored her mobility and gave her a new lease of life.

It was a technically difficult procedure as the native acetabulum was dysplastic, the femur was high riding and had a small medullary canal.

Primary hip replacement was done with an cementless modular femoral prosthesis and cementless acetabular shell.

Post op x ray cementless hip replacement

Modular cementless hip prosthesis

Difficult primary hip case

Difficult primary hip replacement