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American’s Hip Resurfacing


American patient relaxing at a seaside resort after hip resurfacing at MJRC.

American’s Hip resurfacing with Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in Chennai
An American citizen from New York Mr.Leonard Battipaglia underwent a hipresurfacing in Chennai with Dr. A.K.Venkatachalam. The affordable treatment provided saved him a lot of money.
In a vote of confidence for Indian surgeon Dr. Venkatachalam, an American citizen
joined a long line of foreigners to undergo a Joint replacement. New Yorker, Mr. Leonard
Battipaglia recently underwent a hip resurfacing for an arthritic hip. He will soon return
to have his second hip also treated by the same surgeon. He is scheduled to undergo a
Proxima hip replacement on that side.
Mr. Battipaglia had faced frustrating times with American doctors. Nearly for two years
ago, he had been approaching the prestigious Lennon Hill hospital in New York with
thigh and knee pain. Every time he was shooed away by a junior doctor without
undergoing an x ray even. Finally an X ray revealed that he had advanced hip arthritis in
both hips. He was refused a total hip replacement. Unable to bear the pain, Leonard then
searched for other options.
He zeroed in Indian Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. A.K.Venkatachalam for his expertise in hip
He arrived in Chennai with his wife and was accorded a warm welcome at Chennai
airport on the night of the Mumbai blasts.
Within a day of arrival, he went under the knife of Dr. Venakatachalam. The surgeon
performed a hip resurfacing on his right hip.
The left hip was destroyed beyond a hip resurfacing and will have a Proxima hip
replacement shortly.
After enjoying another week’s holiday at a seaside resort, the couple has returned to
Spain for recuperation.
Surgery performed at DR.Venkatachalam’s Hip & Knee surgery centre, Chennai, India
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