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Avascular necrosis treatment India- Stem cells & short stem hip replacement

Avascular necrosis treatment India

Young patients are affected. Some of the causes leading to osteonecrosis are steroid intake, alcoholism, connective tissue disorders like SLE, Sickle cell disease, hypertension, decompression sickness, thrombosis, In a large number of individuals the cause is unknown or Idiopathic. Young and middle aged patients are affected. Involvement of both hips is fairly common.


Avascular necrosis treatment India

Hip showing advanced changes of avascular necrosis

Diagnosis- It takes a long time for the bony changes to be visible on plain x rays.

MRI scans and nuclear bone scans reveal the diagnosis early on when the condition is suspected. Both hips need to be imaged simultaneously. CT scans help to identify the extent of the bony involvement.


The treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Most often conservative or non operative measures fail. Surgical treatment ranges from core drilling to total hip replacements. In the early stages core drilling can lead to a positive result in a good proportion of cases.

When this has failed, or the stage is more advanced, hip resurfacing is advised. However the surgeon should do so after a diligent assessment of the extent of disease. Hip resurfacing can be done when the extent of the femoral head involvement is less than 30 percent.  Presence of cysts,  small size of the head are not the right indication for a hip resurfacing. A short stem hip replacement is a better choice. It is most suited for young patients as it sacrifices very little bone from the top of the femur.

Hip resurfacing operation

Hip resurfacing operation

The presence of cysts makes hip resurfacing more difficult to perform with confidence. In these cases there are two options. The Short stem hip replacement is one option.

Avascular necrosis treatment India

Short stem hip replacement

where the bone is amputated at the base of the head.  Then a short stem is impacted into the top portion or Proximal part of the neck and metaphysis of the femur. This has a large ball made of Delta ceramic of nearly the same diameter as the natural femoral head. The socket is  lined with a ceramic cup.

The other option is the Mid head resection Birmingham hip or BMHR.

Birmingham Mid head resection prosthesis

Birmingham Mid head resection prosthesis

This operation involves amputating almost the entire head of the femur containing the cysts, impacting a conical stem into the neck portion of the femur and attaching a Birmingham hip like prosthesis. The cup also gets a metal liner

Ceramic hip replacement

To get a stem cell treatment or short stem hip replacement visit http://www.hipsurgery.in for more information. If you suffer from this disease and want these procedures, e mail drvenkat@kneeindia.com

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