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Birmingham Hip resurfacing puts American back on his feet.

Grandon Benson from Portland Washington had his Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery in India. After enduring 12 years of pain, he is relieved and able to walk normally.

Grandon had damaged his right hip in a car accident 12 years ago. Although it was fixed in the US, he developed arthritis. Like many baby boomers, Grandon didn’t want to lead a life of misery and pain. When he couldn’t get surgery back home in the US, he preferred Indian Orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam to perform his right hip resurfacing.

Grandon underwent the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure which is of recent vintage in the US.

He is recovering in hospital and will soon go to a resort for recuperation.

Hip resurfacing BHR India

Grandon Benson,USA patient for BHR

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