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Hip Resurfacing revision | short stem hip replacement as an option in India

Hip Resurfacing revision with short stem hip replacement in India

Neck sparing hip arthroplasty as an option for hip resurfacing failure

Hip resurfacing revision is often required as hip resurfacing has an early failure rate of 10%. There is bone and soft tissue destruction. However most patients who underwent hip resurfacing  are young or middle aged. Recommending a total hip arthroplasty may be too drastic for them. In this scenario, short stem hip replacement or neck sparing arthroplasty offers an interim solution. It can postpone a total hip replacement by several years. However it will have to be done fairly early before tissue destruction is advanced.

Short stem hip replacements with the Proxima hip have been performed in the last decade with good success rate. This prosthesis spares natural bone in the neck of femur. The other advantage is that there is no thigh pain. It can be used with different bearings like ceramic, metal, poly ethylene. See how short stem hip replacement benefited an American patient here.

Hip resurfacing revision



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