Hip Replacement surgery center of MJRC clinic is located in Besant nagar, Chennai, India. We provide latest advances in Hip replacement surgery.

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Hip Resurfacing India-testimonial of American patient

Hello Leonardo– I was going to write and tell you of my adventures,
but time just seems to fly. Anyway, the following is what happened.
Oct. 14 flew to Chennai at night. Dr. V had forgotten there was a major Indian Holiday on Sat the 17th and there would be few in the Hospital working. Hurray up and do tests! Ooops–Andy has high
blood pressure. Worked hard and got it down for the Proxima operation on Friday.
They talked me into having a “spinal” for anasthesia (I’ve had a prejudice against spinals since 1963!) and I was very happy I had it.
NO PAIN–at all. Turned out during the operation they could do the Birmingham Method–so I went out with the second biggest Birmingham head they make(It’s the best for me).
Got rid of all pain pills in about 3 days.
After 6 days went to Mahabs Resort(Dr. V’s friend).
The BEST place, for sure. The people were so friendly and tried to be helpful all the time–including the man that cleaned the pool everyday, the maids who cleaned the room, and the waiters from the restaurant. In 10 days we only had one meal in the restaurant.
They came to our room 3-4 times a day for food orders and the owner of Mahabs even had a table specially made so I could use my laptop and my wife and I could eat all meals on the deck.
I felt quite special.
Left India on Nov. 2 feeling a little weak, but with no pain.
Stopped using the hand crutches Dec. 4, swam on two different days, and am driving my truck just fine, now!!
I tell everyone that I’ve had many worse experiences and pain from going to the Dentist!!! But wait, Dr. V, just remember I’m going to be looking for rewards from you, for the 100 or so patients I’ll be sending you!!!
Thank you, Leonardo, for your imput and support.
Everything turned out to be much easier than I ever expected.
I miss having fun with Dr. V, too. I don’t miss the Indian food–
very happy to be back in Thailand!!

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