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Trabecular metal in Hip surgery India – Bone like metal improves results

  • Trabecular metal is a bone like material. It fills up bone defects in the hip, knee and shoulder.  More and more cases of failed hip resurfacing are emerging. These cases are now needing a revision hip replacement. The old implant as shown here is removed. This results in bone deficiencies. The surgeon has the difficult task of filling these. I have used TM augments in the past to do this.  The picture at the bottom shows a socket revision done in May 2011 with trabecular metal augments.

    Now TM is available for primary hip sockets. They promote bone growth. This material can build up bone defects resulting from failed hip resurfacing.

Failed hip resurfacing

Failed hip resurfacing.

TM augments

TM augments


Trabecular metal augments

trabecular metal augments in hip revision surgery

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