Congenital hip dislocation India

Congenital hip dislocation

This is the x ray of a 38 year old lady with developmental dysplasia of the hip. The left hip is abnormal and there is secondary osteo-arthritis in the joint. She is going to need an advanced hip replacement. Visit

Stem cell treatment Hip joint India

Do you want stem cell treatment Hip joint India? You may be suffering from early AVN or primary osteo-arthritis of the hip joint. Upto now your only option was a total hip replacement. However I am pleased to announce the extension of stem cell treatment to the hip also. I have tasted success in the […]

Which material for hip replacement?

You might need a hip replacement. There are many material options. Which #hip #replacement material is best? The available materials are metal on metal, metal on plastic, ceramic on ceramic, ceramic on metal. Patients get carried away by online propaganda which is based on no evidence. Example being the metal on metal and hip resurfacing which […]

Hip fracture treatment India

Hip fracture treatment India

Do you need neglected Hip fracture treatment India? This x ray shows a grossly destroyed hip socket fracture with upward migration of the limb and shortening. It will need a total hip replacement with augment, bone graft and implants. Visit to know more about acetabular or hip socket fractures and their managment. To get a hip […]

Hip conditions may manifest as Knee pain

Have you developed knee pain recently? Has your orthopaedic surgeon looked at your knee, done all the tests and can’t find anything wrong in your knee? It is possible that the actual problem might lie in your hip and that he is missing out on something. The reason is that the nerves which supply the […]

Short Stem Hip Replacement Review

Short Stem Hip Replacement

Short Stem Hip Replacement review @2 years. It shows preservation of bone. It is ideal for young and middle aged patients needing a Hip replacement in India. Visit for more information.

PRP treatment for tail bone pain

Stem cell treatment Hip India

Do you suffer from tail bone pain or Coccydynia? Platelet rich Plasma injection can relieve this condition.

Avascular necrosis treatment India – both hip replacements

Bilateral Avascular necrosis

Avascular necrosis treatment India. AVN is a common hip disease that affects both hips of young people. See how this young patient benefited from both hip replacements. Visit Get a quote today. E mail

Avascular necrosis Hip Treatment India

Do you suffer from Avascular necrosis hip in India? It is a common condition among young patients. Common causes include steroid intake, alcohol overuse, trauma besides others. It needs prompt diagnosis and treatment. Non operative methods fail in 80% cases. Surgery is invariably required. We offer Core decompression and stem cell treatment for early stages. In […]

New hospital affiliation

I have started consultation at Guest hospital, Poonnamalle high road, Kilpauk, Chennai. My OPD timings are between 9-10.30 am. Tel is 2641 3420 & 2641 1656