Stem cell treatment Hip joint India

Do you want stem cell treatment Hip joint India? You may be suffering from early AVN or primary osteo-arthritis of the hip joint. Upto now your only option was a total hip replacement. However I am pleased to announce the extension of stem cell treatment to the hip also. I have tasted success in the knee. My goal now is to extend the same treatment to the hip also. There will be two approaches however. For AVN, I will use the bony route to the head of the femur. For the arthritis, I will use the articular route to treat the condition. Delivering stem cells to the exact location is a challenging task. I have already performed stem cell treatment of AVN and hip joint visualization.
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Stem cell treatment Hip Joint India

Stem cell treatment Hip India

Avascular necrosis – Total Hip Replacement surgery India

A young male underwent bilateral Hip replacements for Avascular necrosis of hips by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam. He narrates his experience here.

“I work in Saudi Arabia. I underwent a left total hip replacement for Avascular necrosis in March 2014.  I was relieved of pain and my gait improved tremendously.

I have now undergone a right total hip replacement done by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam. I hope that I will improve in the same rapid manner.”

HR, Chennai.


Total hip replacement for fracture neck of femur

Fracture neck of femur in young adults leads to non union and Avascular necrosis as seen in this photo. This requires a total hip replacement with a durable prosthesis.

Fracture + AVN hip

Fracture neck + AVN

Total hip replacement in late AVN.

AVN hip

Hip AVN last stage

Total hip replacement

Total hip replacement

AVN is a common problem seen in young patients in India. It can result in hip pain. Early cases can be treated with stem cell treatment whereas late cases of AVN need a  hip replacement. This can either be a short stem or conventional total hip replacement. To know more about how to get a hip replacement in Chennai, visit our website, .