Video testimonial of Grandon Benson from Seattle, Washington, USA. He underwent right Birmingham hip resurfacing by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam of

Birmingham Hip resurfacing puts American back on his feet.

Grandon Benson from Portland Washington had his Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery in India. After enduring 12 years of pain, he is relieved and able to walk normally.

Grandon had damaged his right hip in a car accident 12 years ago. Although it was fixed in the US, he developed arthritis. Like many baby boomers, Grandon didn’t want to lead a life of misery and pain. When he couldn’t get surgery back home in the US, he preferred Indian Orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam to perform his right hip resurfacing.

Grandon underwent the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure which is of recent vintage in the US.

He is recovering in hospital and will soon go to a resort for recuperation.

Hip resurfacing BHR India

Grandon Benson,USA patient for BHR

Birmingham Hip resurfacing – American patient story

American patient talks about his high value medical treatment in India. He received a Birmingham hip by Dr.Venkatachalam for a very affordable cost in Chennai, India.

Indications for the BMHR

BMHR prosthesis

BMHR prosthesis

The Birmingham mid head resection prosthesis is a new implant invented over a year ago by Dr. Derek McMinn. It is useful in those patients who are sold on the idea of a hip resurfacing but unfortunately don’t have enough bone stock in the femoral head.

After x rays, the surgeon can predict pre- operatively which patients are going to require a mid head resection resurfacing prosthesis rather than a Birmingham hip resurfacing.
These are patients with

1) Osteoarthritis with large cysts
2) Avascular necrosis > 40 %.
3) Perthes disease
4) Slipped capital femoral epiphysis.
In these cases the surgeon can go in for a BMHR rather than a BHR.

Particularly in AVN with large bony involvement, hip resurfacing is not possible. In these cases, BMHR is ideal as it behaves like Hip resurfacing but all diseased bone is removed. Yet more bone conserved during BMHR is more than a total hip replacement.

The prosthesis uses the same cup as  a BHR. On the femoral side, a modular head component fits onto a short conical stem confined to the neck of the femur.

BMHR surgery is very exacting. Dr.Venkatachalam got exposure in Australia for this surgery.