Hip resurfacing India, Five year result o

Five year result of hip resurfacing India

This photo was sent to me by a former hip resurfacing patient five years after his surgery. He has successfully climbed the eighth highest mountain in Africa. Mr.SR from Uganda is the person sitting to your far left. I am so happy to have restored his mobility which enabled him to chase his values.

This is what he said,

Five year result of hip resurfacing India

Successful result of hip resurfacing

“good evening Dr V, 5 years on from my hip replacement I climbed the 8th highest mountain in Africa. It took 1.5 days to hike 20k to the top starting at 1200m and finishing at 4321m. Surely that is a testament to your brilliant surgery.”
SR, Uganda.

Hip Resurfacing India-testimonial of American patient

Hello Leonardo– I was going to write and tell you of my adventures,
but time just seems to fly. Anyway, the following is what happened.
Oct. 14 flew to Chennai at night. Dr. V had forgotten there was a major Indian Holiday on Sat the 17th and there would be few in the Hospital working. Hurray up and do tests! Ooops–Andy has high
blood pressure. Worked hard and got it down for the Proxima operation on Friday.
They talked me into having a “spinal” for anasthesia (I’ve had a prejudice against spinals since 1963!) and I was very happy I had it.
NO PAIN–at all. Turned out during the operation they could do the Birmingham Method–so I went out with the second biggest Birmingham head they make(It’s the best for me).
Got rid of all pain pills in about 3 days.
After 6 days went to Mahabs Resort(Dr. V’s friend).
The BEST place, for sure. The people were so friendly and tried to be helpful all the time–including the man that cleaned the pool everyday, the maids who cleaned the room, and the waiters from the restaurant. In 10 days we only had one meal in the restaurant.
They came to our room 3-4 times a day for food orders and the owner of Mahabs even had a table specially made so I could use my laptop and my wife and I could eat all meals on the deck.
I felt quite special.
Left India on Nov. 2 feeling a little weak, but with no pain.
Stopped using the hand crutches Dec. 4, swam on two different days, and am driving my truck just fine, now!!
I tell everyone that I’ve had many worse experiences and pain from going to the Dentist!!! But wait, Dr. V, just remember I’m going to be looking for rewards from you, for the 100 or so patients I’ll be sending you!!!
Thank you, Leonardo, for your imput and support.
Everything turned out to be much easier than I ever expected.
I miss having fun with Dr. V, too. I don’t miss the Indian food–
very happy to be back in Thailand!!

Hip Resurfacing – Patient testimonial one year later

Hello Dr Venkat, greetings to you and your family. It was 11 months ago yesterday that I had my resurfacing operation and I just wanted you to know how successfull it has proved! This past season here I have again been able to guide tourists on walking tours of the island and in September I led the 21km “marathon” walk here, with no negative after effects. I have completely forgotten what it was like before the operation. As it is coming up to my 1 year anniversary I wondered if you would like any progress photos/video/story from me.
With very best wishes,
Chris Browne

Sufferin from hip pain? Hip resurfacing a solution

People dread getting old. If you are Caucasian and approaching your forties, you may have already noticed that some of the things you did as a teenager aren’t that easy anymore. As a general rule, if you take care of yourself when you are young, getting old will be easier. Joint pains develop and progress to restrict your life style and stop you enjoying outdoor activities.

A lot of people will have to face as a part of the aging process one of those things is hip replacements for hip pain.

According to The National Institue of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases there are over 193000 hip replacements performed in the U.S. each year. In the UK, the numbers are about 5, 00000 per year.

Hip resurfacing operation

Hip resurfacing operation

Hip Resurfacing – viable alternative to Hip replacement

Hip resurfacing operation

Hip resurfacing operation

Hip Resurfacing is Viable Alternative to Hip Replacement
Patients who had hip resurfacing surgery, such as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing technique, reported a better quality of life, less pain and greater satisfaction a year after surgery.

Patients who had hip resurfacing surgery, such as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing technique, reported a better quality of life, less pain and greater satisfaction a year after surgery than those who had a total hip replacement, according to a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2009 Annual Meeting.

The study was based on data on the outcomes of 214 total hip replacement patients and 132 hip resurfacing patients that was recorded in a joint registry maintained at a single surgeon’s practice from 2003-2006. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Anne Lingard of Freeman Hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, was the study’s lead researcher.

Each patient enrolled in the study completed a questionnaire preoperatively and one year after surgery. The questionnaire included the Western Ontario and MacMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (referred to as WOMAC, it is a 24-item questionnaire that is completed by the patient and focuses on joint pain, stiffness and loss of function related to osteoarthritis of the knee and hip) and the SF-36, a self-report questionnaire completed by the patient that measures health-related quality of life (and generates 8 subscales: physical functioning, role limitations due to physical problems, bodily pain, general health perceptions, vitality, social functioning, role-limitations due to emotional problems, and mental health; and 2 summary scores: physical component and mental component). The patients also completed a questionnaire regarding satisfaction with their procedures and outcomes one year after surgery.

The study showed that one year after surgery both groups of patients experienced significant improvements in WOMAC and SF-36. Hip-resurfacing patients, however, posted significantly higher WOMAC scores for decreased pain symptoms. When asked about patient satisfaction with the surgery, a greater number of hip-resurfacing patients said they were satisfied with their ability to perform functional activities after surgery.

For more information:
Keywords: hip resurfacing, hip replacement, joint replacement, orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive surgery
Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam, Consultant Orthopedic surgeon at the Madras Joint Replacement center opines that hip resurfacing allows excellent range of movements with least incidence of dislocation in males younger than 60 years. While choosing female patients who demand hip resurfacing, one has to be more selective says the surgeon. Females with small femoral head circumference less than 44 mm had a higher risk of complications like femoral neck fracture. Therefore female patients with large bone size in the appropriate age group with good bone density are also suitable candidates for Hip resurfacing.

Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam, consultant Orthopedic suregeon
Madras Joint Replacement center
Chennai, India
E mail- drvenkat@kneeindia.com

Avascular necrosis treatment India

Young patients are affected. Some of the causes leading to osteonecrosis are steroid intake, alcoholism, connective tissue disorders like SLE, Sickle cell disease, hypertension, decompression sickness, thrombosis, In a large number of individuals the cause is unknown or Idiopathic. Young and middle aged patients are affected. Involvement of both hips is fairly common.


Avascular necrosis treatment India

Hip showing advanced changes of avascular necrosis

Diagnosis- It takes a long time for the bony changes to be visible on plain x rays.

MRI scans and nuclear bone scans reveal the diagnosis early on when the condition is suspected. Both hips need to be imaged simultaneously. CT scans help to identify the extent of the bony involvement.


The treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Most often conservative or non operative measures fail. Surgical treatment ranges from core drilling to total hip replacements. In the early stages core drilling can lead to a positive result in a good proportion of cases.

When this has failed, or the stage is more advanced, hip resurfacing is advised. However the surgeon should do so after a diligent assessment of the extent of disease. Hip resurfacing can be done when the extent of the femoral head involvement is less than 30 percent.  Presence of cysts,  small size of the head are not the right indication for a hip resurfacing. A short stem hip replacement is a better choice. It is most suited for young patients as it sacrifices very little bone from the top of the femur.

Hip resurfacing operation

Hip resurfacing operation

The presence of cysts makes hip resurfacing more difficult to perform with confidence. In these cases there are two options. The Short stem hip replacement is one option.

Avascular necrosis treatment India

Short stem hip replacement

where the bone is amputated at the base of the head.  Then a short stem is impacted into the top portion or Proximal part of the neck and metaphysis of the femur. This has a large ball made of Delta ceramic of nearly the same diameter as the natural femoral head. The socket is  lined with a ceramic cup.

The other option is the Mid head resection Birmingham hip or BMHR.

Birmingham Mid head resection prosthesis

Birmingham Mid head resection prosthesis

This operation involves amputating almost the entire head of the femur containing the cysts, impacting a conical stem into the neck portion of the femur and attaching a Birmingham hip like prosthesis. The cup also gets a metal liner

Ceramic hip replacement

To get a stem cell treatment or short stem hip replacement visit http://www.hipsurgery.in for more information. If you suffer from this disease and want these procedures, e mail drvenkat@kneeindia.com