Failed Hip Resurfacing Treatment India

Hip resurfacing fails in 10 %  within five years. Causes of failure are many and some are associated with the particular design itself. Other causes include
1) Wrong choice of procedure
2) Wrong indication
3) Wrong technique
4) Aseptic loosening
5) Infection

The following x ray is that of a 40 year old in whom hip resurfacing failed within one or two years. He will need a revision hip replacement. Revision hip replacement India is affordable. See for more details.

Failed hip resurfacing

Failed hip resurfacing

Revision total hip replacement surgery India

TM augments

Revision total hip replacement surgery India is required when a previous hip replacement has failed. Hip replacements can fail from several reasons. Lack of movement, pain and disability result.
Revision hip replacement restores normalcy. Revision hip replacement is a challenging orthopedic procedure. It needs meticulous pre op planning and execution. The surgeon must be familiar with a variety of implants, trabecular metal, bone graft etc.
Dr.Venkatachalam has been exposed to revision hip replacement for over twenty years. He was exposed during his residency in the UK where he worked with Hip specialists. He brings this knowledge and combines it with the latest technology to give successful results.

Listen to the testimonial of one of his patients here. This elderly lady of 80 years was bedridden for nearly three months following a failed revision hip replacement. Her daughter had consulted several surgeons in Chennai before discovering Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam. He put forward a convincing plan of action and executed it with dexterity, skill and followed it with dilligent post operative care, says the patient’s daughter.

Revision Hip Replacement Chennai

An elderly lady underwent Revision Hip replacement Chennai. Here she narrates her experience.

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Revision Hip Replacement Chennai | Revision Total Hip Replacement

Revision hip replacement Chennai

Difficult primary hip replacement

Revision hip replacement Chennai is required for failed  hip replacement.  Total hip replacement provides pain relief from hip arthritis. Normally, it is needed only once in the life of an elderly patient. However since most patients undergoing this procedure in India are young, they may face problems after a decade or two.  The life of any joint replacement is fifteen to twenty years. So some young patients who underwent this operation may need a redo after a few years.  They may start feeling pain.
Normally plain  X rays may reveal that the implants have changed their position.  This is known as loosening.  Serial x rays may show the change in the position or tilt of the prosthesis. Additional investigations may be required to diagnose the problem.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, a redo  may be required. This is known as a revision hip replacement. The common causes requiring a revision hip replacement Chennai are the following

  • Aseptic loosening.
  • Infection.
  • Fractures around the implant.
  • Wear / breakage of the prosthesis.
  • Failure of Hip resurfacing
  • Failure of metal on metal hip replacements.

Reasons why you should consider to have your revision hip replacement Chennai by me include the following

  • Experience in primary and difficult primary hip replacements.
  • Experience in revision hip replacements.
  • Access to variety of implants, bone graft, augments, cages etc.
  • Clean air Operation theatre with low infection rate.
  • Pain free surgery and recovery.
  • Access to intra operative frozen section biopsy and microbiology opinion.

You can see a testimonial of a patient here.

Cost of a revision hip replacement depends on the materials used and is variable. It can be predicted after assessment of the x rays. Revision hip replacement is of two types, a single staged procedure and a two stage procedure. Infection needs a two stage procedure often whereas other causes may be treated with a single stage procedure.

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Trabecular metal in Hip surgery India – Bone like metal improves results

  • Trabecular metal is a bone like material. It fills up bone defects in the hip, knee and shoulder.  More and more cases of failed hip resurfacing are emerging. These cases are now needing a revision hip replacement. The old implant as shown here is removed. This results in bone deficiencies. The surgeon has the difficult task of filling these. I have used TM augments in the past to do this.  The picture at the bottom shows a socket revision done in May 2011 with trabecular metal augments.

    Now TM is available for primary hip sockets. They promote bone growth. This material can build up bone defects resulting from failed hip resurfacing.

Failed hip resurfacing

Failed hip resurfacing.

TM augments

TM augments


Trabecular metal augments

trabecular metal augments in hip revision surgery

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Revision hip replacement for Ugandan in India

Revision hip implant

Revision hip implant

Revision hip replacement India

Ugandan lady Esither Rubangura

A revision hip replacement was performed for a retired Ugandan midwife. A cemented hip replacement done in 2004 had loosened. She had severe bone loss in the femur and moderate bone loss in the acetabulum. Dr.Venkatachalam performed an uncemented revision hip replacement. He used the Wagner stem and Trilogy cup from Zimmer. Allograft bone was used to reconstitute acetabular and femoral bone loss.
The same patient had undergone a primary knee replacement last week.
Thousands of patients from Afrcian countries travel to India for joint replacements. Dr. Venkatachalam is a joint replacement orthopedic surgeon