Hip Replacement surgery center of MJRC clinic is located in Besant nagar, Chennai, India. We provide latest advances in Hip replacement surgery.

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Hip replacement India helps Nigerian accountant bounce back.

Hip replacement India restored Nigerian’s mobility. A Nigerian accountant crippled since infancy had her mobility restored thanks to a difficult surgery by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in India. Childhood infection of the hip had eaten away the joint and left her with an undeveloped hip. Career and finances prevented her from seeking out a solution. Despite years of research she was unable to find a surgeon in India, South Africa, Nigeria and the UK to operate on her. The quote was too high or the surgeons didn’t possess the right knowledge and skills according to her. She finally discovered Dr. Venkatachalam in Chennai. He undertook the challenge after pre operative counselling about the rewards and risks. Eventually she had a successful outcome and is back home in Nigeria. Here she is seen smiling from her hospital bed in Chennai, India. Dr.Venkatachalam has operated on many difficult cases in India. You can get more information from his website, http://www.hipsurgery.in and his blog, http://blog.hipsurgery.in

Hip replacement in India

Hip replacement India

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