Hip Replacement surgery center of MJRC clinic is located in Besant nagar, Chennai, India. We provide latest advances in Hip replacement surgery.

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Contact Us

I am happy to see old and new patients by prior appointment. You can request this by filling the form or using information provided here. There is no substitute for a diagnosis and treatment based on a clinical examination.

If you are from outside Chennai, and wish to learn about your eligibility for a procedure, you may request this after providing necessary information. There will be a fee for this service.

Chennai Meenakshi Multi-Specialty Hospital, Luz church road, Mylapore, Chennai, India

Your exam

My goal is to give you a correct diagnosis and suggest treatment after clinical examination and investigations. Hence, you are advised to set aside sufficient time for investigations.

MRI & CT are often required. Scans take time and reports are usually available only the next day. Hence outstation patients are advised to set aside sufficient time. Outstation patients may stay in any hotel around the area.

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