Hip Replacement surgery center of MJRC clinic is located in Besant nagar, Chennai, India. We provide latest advances in Hip replacement surgery.

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Cost of a hip replacement is a total of implant cost, room charges and doctor’s fees. In an individual case the cost is ideally arrived at after clinical examination. Implant costs are listed below

Non cemented metal on cross linked poly- 85,000 INR.

Non cemented Ceramic on Poly -115,000 INR.

Non cemented Ceramic on ceramic -145,000 INR.

Short stem Ceramic on ceramic- 225,000 INR.

Cemented Bipolar- 50,000 INR.

Uncementd Bipolar- 60,000 INR.

Revision implant- 100,000 and above depending on the bone loss.

Cost includes

Stay in single room for number of nights as specified against the procedure.

Cost of standard prosthesis. Additional cost may be incurred for extra components, implants, bone graft etc.

Fees of surgeon, anesthesiologist and assistants.

Duty doctor's fees.

Theatre charges

Standard medication for regional anesthesia


Consumables & routine medications related to the surgery and post op treatment.

Procedure related investigation like x ray and blood test after admission.

Cost excludes

Pre op investigations

Guest meals, phone calls, in room soft drinks, extra food, room services.

Blood transfusions post op

ICU stay

Post op consultations

Take home medications

Excess stay

Fees for additional visits by surgeon after expiry of package

Medications and treatment for pre- existing or non- procedure related conditions

Payment options

Hospitals accept all major credit cards for hospital expenses. We accept only cash for implant & fees.

You will receive an itemized bill for the services provided to you.

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