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Fracture Neck of Femur

Do you suffer issues related to a fracture neck of femur? You may be young and might have got injured in a major accident.

Fracture neck of femur occurs in two populations. a) In the elderly it is a result of house hold falls from a standing height. b) Younger patients also sustain a femoral neck fracture from high energy mechanism. This occurs after a major road accident or fall from a height.

The fracture can be either intra capsular or extra capsular.

An intra-capsular fracture occurs through hard cortical bone. Fracture healing can be an issue. Later Avascular necrosis becomes an issue.

An extra capsular fracture occurs in spongy cancellous bone. Healing can occur but malunion is a possibility. Fractures of neck of femur are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly. They are a surgical emergency.


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