Birmingham Mid Head Resection

Birmingham mid head resection implant

The Birmingham mid head resection implant is a form of bone preserving hip replacement. It is an improvement over the Birmingham hip resurfacing. It is indicated in some young patients who don’t want or are unfit for hip resurfacing. Patients with avascular necrosis (AVN), Perthes disease, dysplasia, large femoral cysts are not suitable for hip resurfacing. In these patients, it may be possible to do a Birmingham mid head resection replacement. The bearings of this implant are metal on metal. The size of the femoral component is the same as the normal femoral head. Hence the risk of dislocation is low.

Dr.Venkat received bone model training for this procedure in Australia in 2009. He offers this procedure for patients with advanced avascular necrosis.

The advantages of this procedure are its stability, good range of motion, and bone preservation.

BMHR implant

Birmingham mid head resection implant


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