Acetabular Fractures

Acetabular Fractures

What are Acetabular Fractures?

The acetabulum is the hip socket. It is located at the outer end of the pelvis. It is a hemispherical cavity. The ball shaped end of the thighbone sits in it. The two together form a ball and socket joint. Cartilage lines the joint to keep the movement smooth.

Acetabular Fractures is specifically a fracture of the cup or acetabulum. Fractures of the acetabulum are harder to treat because access to this bone is more difficult, and because of the acetabulum's closeness to the major blood vessels to the legs, the sciatic nerve (the major nerve that arises from the lower spine and provides sensation and movement to the leg and foot), the intestines, the ureter and the bladder.

Unlike a hip fracture, which can be treated relatively easily, to repair an Acetabular Fracture, the orthopedic surgeon, must, in essence, fix the broken bones from the inside out.

Causes of Acetabular Fractures

  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Fall from height
  • Domestic fall


This is done after proper assessment. Assessment consists of X-rays and CT scans. The aim is to detect any improper alignment. It may be treated non-operatively if the alignment is good. If the alignment is poor, surgery is required. Proper treatment is required to:

  • Restore normal anatomy

  • Remove loose bony fragments

  • Restore stability to the socket

The best time to operate on these fractures is within the first week. This is to allow the general condition to settle down. Open reduction is done with plates and screws to fix the fracture. When arthritis has developed because of unsuccessful fixation, hip replacement is necessary to relieve pain and restore mobility. Total hip replacement or hip resurfacing is the preferred procedure.

Watch this presentation on surgical treatment of Acetabular Fractures here:

Surgical treatment of Acetabular Fractures at MJRC by ALAMPALLAM VENKATACHALAM

Hip socket fracture Acetabular fracture fixation

See how hip resurfacing for an old Acetabular Fracture cured  an American patient:

Why should you get your hip replacement for malunited acetabular fracture by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam?
1) He has experience of having treated a big series in Oman.
2) He is experienced at total hip replacement, short stem hip replacement and hip resurfacing.
3) He presented a paper on this topic at the annual conference of Indian orthopaedic association in Dec 2012 at Chennai.
4) Ready availability of bone allograft, synthetic bone substitutes, trabecular metal augments and cages.
5) Expert anesthetists provide pain free surgery and recovery.
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