Primary Hip Osteoarthritis

Primary Hip Osteoarthritis

Primary osteo-arthritis of the hip results from wearing away of the articular cartilage. Cartilage is the lining tissue that protects the ends of bone.  When cartilage wears away completely the bones may rub against each other resulting in pain and stiffness. 
It is the most prevalent form of osteo arthritis in Caucasian population. It is seen in patients older than 50 years. Some people with this disease may hail from families with a higher incidence. Younger patients may be affected in these families. 
Some occupations have a higher risk of primary osteo-arthritis like labourers, athletes.
Symptoms- Pain is the most common symptom. It starts at the front or to the side of the hip joint. Pain increases in duration and regularity. Your mobility may become affected. You will not be able to do your routine activities. A limp may be noticed. Movements of the hip are reduced. Your life style will be affected. To know if you have arthritis, see this page which contains a self evaluation of arthritis.  

An x ray shows reduction of the joint space. 

Initially pain medications may be prescribed. Use a cane if pain is severe. If pain increases and conservative measures do not relieve pain, then hip replacement may be needed.
I offer total hip replacmements, short stem hip replacement, Birmingham hip resurfacing or Birmingham mid head resection. Total hip implants are either cemented or uncemented hip. Hip resurfacing can be considered in middle age males less than 55 years. A short stem hip replacement is a bone saving alternative to total hip replacement.
The x ray picture shows a hip joint affected by primary osteo-arthritis. There is joint space narrowing, cyst formation, osteophyte formation in the femoral head. 

Primary Hip osteoarthritis

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