Secondary Osteoarthritis of Hip Joint

Secondary Osteoarthritis of Hip Joint


Secondary osteoarthritis is hip arthritis resulting from other pre existing conditions. It occurs at a younger age than primary arthritis.


Avascular necrosis, DDH, Perthes disease, protrusio acetabuli, slipped upper femoral epiphysis, Post traumatic arthritis, post infectious arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis are common causes.

Demographic differences

Secondary hip osteoarthritis is commoner in India and developing countries while primary hip arthritis is prevalent in Caucasians. Secondary osteoarthritis is commonly seen in a younger population.


It could be a total hip replacement or hip resrufacing. Hip replacement in these patients should focus on bone preservation and longer lasting materials.
With the advent of Hip resurfacing and short stem prosthesis, the operation has improved to suit the needs of these younger patients. Long lasting bearing couples like ceramic, metal, cross linked polyethylene enhance the life of a hip replacement prostheses and should be considered first.  We use Short stem hip replacements like the  METHA hip. We use ceramic on ceramic, ceramic on metal, metal on metal, ceramic on polyethylene bearings.  

from Perthes disease  secondary arthritis from DDH & AVN  Secondary osteoarthritis of hip joint

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