Short Stem Hip Replacement

Short Stem Hip Replacement


Have you been advised a Hip replacement in Young age? It is logical to get a short stem hip replacement if the diagnosis is suitable.
What is a short Stem Hip Replacement?
A short stem hip replacement is a variant of hip replacement based on the rationale of bone preservation. It differs from a total hip in the level of bone cut in the neck. The level is much higher than the total hip replacement. Thus, more bone is spared in the neck of the femur. The femoral part of the replacement is anchored in the spongy bone instead of the diaphyseal bone. The femoral component of the prosthesis in most designs is smaller in length than conventional total hip replacements. There is no change in the socket size.
The main advantage is that more of patient's own bone is preserved. This is like having more money in your saving's account for the future. When in the future, a re do operation becomes necessary, the surgeon can just perform a conventional THR instead of a revision hip. Revision surgery has to address bone loss which is negligible with properly done short stem hip replacement.
Another advantage relates to morbidity and mortality. Studies have shown that 1 in 23 patients receiving a cemented total hip replacement is likely to die. This has been attributed to the cementing process. Even un- cemented total hip replacements also are associated with higher mortality than hip resurfacings and short stem hip replacements. The cause is embolisation of bone marrow and cement into the lungs arising from the stem being driven into the medullary canal. This does not occur with short stem hip replacements as the femoral component is only anchored in the spongy bone where there is not much marrow.

Short stem hip replacements are hence the safest and most durable option. One need not worry about the bearing materials used as all variety of bearings can be used. Ceramic, metal, cross linked polyethylene can all be used.

They are recommended in young and active patients with hip arthritis. Examples of short stem prostheses available in India are METHA stem, Tri lock hip and CFP stem. I introduced the short stem Proxima hip replacement to the region in 2006. See a patient testimonial here

Advantages !- Why should you consider it above a conventional total hip replacement? 

It is a minimally invasive procedure with added advantages like:

  • Lesser stress shielding i.e. the bone density does not decrease much.

  • Low revision surgery rates.

  • Faster restoration of normal function.

  • No incidence of thigh pain.

  • Lesser incidence of dislocation.

  • Preservation of proximal bone.

  • Limb length restoration.

  • Less mortality and morbidity. 

Why you should choose me for this procedure?

  • I adopted this procedure in 2006 and have good results. 

  • Best pain relief.

  • Best individual attention.

  • Best rehabiltation.

  • Best cost. 

To set up an appointment for short stem hip replacement, mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cost of Short Stem hip replacement is very affordable in India.  

Indian patient's success story of short stem hip replacements

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