Hip Replacement Milestones

Hip Replacement Milestones

  1. Ngozi, Nigeria

    Ngozi O is a 39 year old finance professional from Nigeria. All through her life, she has endured a short leg and painful hip. This resulted as a sequel to infection in her hip joint as an infant. The ball of the joint was completely destroyed and the socket failed to develop properly. Devoid of a joint, the leg migrated upward on to the pelvis resulting in shortening. She thought of getting her hip sorted and move on in life. She visited several doctors in South Africa, UK and India. She finally consulted Dr.Venkatachalam in 2011. The hip was a dysplastic one with a high riding femur, lack of bone in the femoral head and shallow socket. Dr. Venkat performed a SROM total hip replacement with metal bearings in late 2011. Ngozi is now back on her feet. She uses a support for outdoor use but is about in the house without any.

    post septic arthritis dysplastic hip

  2. Nizam, India

    Nizam is a twenty five year male from Tiruchi, India. He was suffering from a hip socket problem for about ten years. He had earlier sustained a fracture of the socket which was treated by traction. He presented with a severe protrusion of the acetabulum. The bone on the femoral side was quite normal. He underwent a short stem hip replacement with ceramic bearings. He is now back at work, leading a pain free life.

Total hip replacement with SROM prosthesis     Protrusio hip  Pre op x-ray    Short stem hip replacement Post op x ray 

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