Pre Op Investigations

Pre Op Investigations

Hip replacement | Resurfacing surgery is a major surgical procedure. It deserves utmost care and preparation. Since it is an elective procedure / surgery / operation, you must be in the ‘best possible condition’ for this operation.

Preparation and investigations for the surgery is done from 3 different angles

    1. Fitness to have an anesthetic
      • Complete blood count
      • Blood sugar (Random)
      • Blood Urea
      • Serum Creatinine
      • Serum electrolytes
      • Platelet count
      • PT/APTT 
      • Chest x-ray
      • ECG / EKG
      • Routine urine examination
      • Echo cardio gram ( for patients above 45 years)
    2. To detect hidden infection
      • Urine culture
      • Dental opinion
      • Dermatologist consultation
    3. Technical planning
      • AP & lateral x rays of your affected hip and AP of the pelvis with both hips

May be required

CT scan  & 3D reconstruction

Doctor's assessment

  • Urologist opinion in elderly males
  • Cardiologist opinion in high risk patients

You should apply an antiseptic solution Chlorhexidine 4% all over your body below the neck, twice daily for a week prior to the surgery. This will reduce the number of bacteria or bugs on your skin and lead to a successful outcome. 

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